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Strong Europe Tank Challenge Builds Camaraderie Across Borders
June 6, 2018

Hohenfels school children learn Army jobs
May 25, 2018

Why I Serve: Soldier aims for every infantry badge
May 23, 2018

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  • Best Warrior Competition pushes 7ATC Soldiers to their limits
  • Germany Takes the Prize in the Strong Europe Tank Challenge
  • Hohenfels school children learn Army jobs
  • Strong Europe Tank Challenge Builds Camaraderie Across Borders
  • 7th ATC bids farewell to Aguto, welcomes LaNeve
  • Why I Serve: Soldier aims for every infantry badge
  • Eight nations to participate in 2018 Strong Europe Tank Challenge
  • JWA re-unites brothers after father’s passing 5 years ago
  • Polish Army commands NATO forces during Combined Resolve
  • Females weigh in on gender perspectives during Combined Resolve
  • Soldiers break language and culture barriers during Combined Resolve
  • Polish Army division celebrates 100 years of independence during Combined Resolve
  • US, Lithuanian Soldiers stand shoulder to shoulder for Combined Resolve
  • Soldiers celebrate Polish Flag Day during Combined Resolve
  • Kosovo unit trains on IEDs at Combined Resolve
  • Germans show support during largest tactical convoy on German roads
  • 7ATC provides stewardship of Sustainable Range Program
  • US Army kicks off Combined Resolve X
  • Army National Guard engineers give JMRC a facelift
  • Army National Guard construction in Germany
  • Army Reserve FEST-A team takes on German construction projects
  • Why I Serve: Army officer kicks it up a notch
  • 'If you want something bad enough, go get it'
  • Why I Serve: Green-to-Gold Soldier excited about next chapter
  • National Guard Soldiers add experience to Dynamic Front 18
  • Dynamic Front 18 - Field Artillery Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment
  • Fires Exercise Integrates Air Assets
  • JMRC prepares units for Kosovo mission
  • A Day in the Life of a Cannon Crewmember
  • Dynamic Front 18 Takes Safety Seriously
  • Dynamic Front 18 simulates an emerging threat
  • Soldiers participate in Read Across America Day in Germany
  • Grafenwoehr Range Operations Flexes for Dynamic Front 18
  • First Conference of European Training Centers wraps up in Germany
  • Allied artillery takes center stage during exercise Dynamic Front 18
  • Sky no longer belongs to rotary, fixed wing aircraft in today's Army
  • US Army celebrates Super Bowl LII in Hohenfels
  • Interoperability Training is the Allied Spirit
  • JMRC's OPFOR - Proud to prepare training units for the defense of Europe
  • TSAE: One-Stop Shop for Opportunity Training
  • NATO - Multinational Division North-East takes helm of Allied Spirit VIII
  • Secretary of the Army to conduct town hall at USAG Bavaria
  • 4-319th sends Chaos to support EDRE
  • Army intensifying Stinger air missile training as part of new strategic initiatives
  • Allied Spirit VIII to test multinational communications, interoperability
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  • Europe's Simulation Center Shifts Size, Scope of a Command Post Exercise
  • Resiliency course adds techniques to leaders' toolboxes
  • Sniper teams shoot for European Best Squad 2016
  • Airborne Artillery Paratroopers Participate in Peacemaster Unity
  • Bavarian Red Cross takes on real-world role in eight-nation exercise
  • Ukrainian defense representatives visit 7ATC
  • ISTC launches NATO Special Operation Combat Medical Course
  • 7ATC visits historical site of largest WWII airborne operation
  • Multinational Exercise Allied Spirit V to begin at Hohenfels Training Area
  • CATC hosts fitness course in GTA for Soldiers in Europe
  • First Swedish, Armenian students graduate from the 7th Army NCO Academy
  • Marshall Center visits 7th Army Training Command
  • USAREUR's Best Warriors prepare for Army-wide competition
  • Regionally Allocated Force displays mission readiness at CALFEX
  • Training noise in Grafenwoehr part of U.S. Army exercise Combined Resolve VII: English / German
  • Army Management Staff College brings Intermediate Course for Army Civilians to Germany
  • Nine countries participate in ISTC Desert Sniper Course in southern Spain
  • Small unmanned aircraft lost during training in Grafenwoehr
  • Familiar name returns to Army Europe
  • Army Europe's training command welcomes new leader
  • JMRC Welcomes New Commander
  • U.S. Army's European training command to change commanders, July 15
  • Soldier returns to JMTC to vie for "Best Warrior" title
  • Special Operation Forces Build Relationships at Swift Response 16
  • Swift Response Returns To Hohenfels
  • Swift Response 16 Highlights Allied Airborne Capabilities
  • Army's Contingency Force prepares for Joint Forcible Entry
  • CSF2 graduates its newest Master Resilience Trainers
  • Germany Claims Trophy in Strong Europe Tank Challenge
  • Multinational platoons compete in Strong Europe Tank Challenge
  • ISTC's medical courses save lives on the battlefield
  • Air Force weather forecasters conduct "Cadre Focus" training at Army airfield
  • Unmanned Aerial System goes down in Grafenwoehr Training Area
  • Grafenwoehr mayor, city council visits JMTC
  • Chaplains, assistants receive Tactical Religious Support Training in GTA
  • JMTC host 2016 Sustainable Range Program workshop in GTA
  • OCTs Save Lives After Lightning Strike at JMRC
  • Saber Junction 16: U.S., Armenian medical teams train together
  • Instrumentation allows Army to expand Saber Junction 16 beyond the bounds of Hohenfels
  • Realistic Training Pushes Soldiers' Abilities
  • JMRC Hohenfels: A unique operating environment
  • Saber Junction's airborne operations use maneuver rights areas
  • Air-land operations take center stage during Saber Junction 16
  • Opposing Forces Fly Unmanned Aerial Vehicle During Saber Junction 16
  • Missouri Guardsmen train overseas for Saber Junction 16
  • Empowering Junior Leaders during Saber Junction 16
  • U.S. Army, German authorities partner to facilitate maneuver rights areas events
  • Friends use Grafenwoehr Rugged Terrain Obstacle Run as prep for marathon
  • Regionally Allocated Aviation a key part of Saber Junction 16
  • CATC home to new foreign language center
  • U.S., German aviation units partner up for gunnery training
  • Airborne troops kick off Saber Junction 16 in Germany
  • U.S. Army to conduct off-post airborne training near Schmidmühlen
  • NCO with 7th Army JMTC improving Ukraine training area
  • JMRC hosts Air Advisor class
  • Observer coach trainer for Ukrainian Land Forces
  • Historic monastery partners with Army simulation center
  • Mapping out a capability to enhance training needs
  • Saber Junction 16 to test readiness of airborne brigade
  • NATO's senior military officer visits ISTC
  • JMTC to support Ukraine mission until 2020
  • Combined Arms Training Center hosts training for Czech Soldiers deploying to Afghanistan
  • Female mechanics support Allied Spirit IV
  • 1-4 Infantry moves operations center to the field
  • Armenian delegation visits Hohenfels Training Area
  • Pork prototype makes its debut at Allied Spirit IV
  • Chaplains collaborate, share values at Allied Spirit IV
  • Slovenian troops team up with U.S. to play opposition forces
  • 1-4 Infantry (OPFOR) is a formidable opponent at Allied Spirit IV
  • Eyes on Italy in Allied Spirit IV
  • Allied Spirit calls in Air Reinforcements
  • Exercise Allied Spirit IV showcases multinational training
  • National Guard connects with multinational Soldiers during ASIV
  • High OPTEMPO defines CSM Bolmer's tour with 1-4 Infantry
  • The military of the Garibaldi Brigade train in Germany with 10 other nations
  • Alliance, endurance on display at exercise Allied Spirit IV
  • Michigan National Guard Soldiers train with their State Partners during Allied Spirit IV
  • Network interoperability key to common operating picture
  • Michigan National Guard Participates in Allied Spirit IV
  • U.S. Army Europe announces reduction of civilian, local national positions: English / German
  • Ordnance command sergeant major visits Grafenwoehr Training Area
  • Quarterly competitions motivate Hohenfels Soldiers
  • Allied Spirit IV to exercise communication, interoperability among NATO Allies
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  • Waidmannsheil
  • Grafenwoehr's capabilities combined for rotational forces
  • 7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command gets new senior enlisted advisor
  • French Ministry of Defense team visits 7th Army JMTC
  • U.S. Army's European training command to hold change of responsibility Nov. 20
  • Norwegian Intelligence Team, Joins the Information Fight at Combined Resolve V
  • Veterans Day: Service members discuss values, service, sacrifice
  • Special Operations, Conventional Forces Build Interoperability at JMRC
  • Combined Resolve Raises the Bar
  • U.S. Army statement on Freihung train accident
  • Army Reserve PSYOPS, Civil Affairs Soldiers Share a Combined Resolve
  • Hohenfels' OPFOR Joins Bundeswehr
  • CBRN Soldiers clear pathways during Combined Resolve V
  • 3rd ID Soldiers switch gears for Combined Resolve V
  • Expert Infantry Badge Expands Soldiers' Skills
  • "Air over armor"
  • Six NATO allies collaborate for PSYOP training
  • Multinational Army leaders address interoperability concerns during Combined Resolve V
  • Serbian Army trains on three objectives for Combined Resolve V
  • Germany claims European Best Squad title
  • Best Squad Competition tests mental and physical determination
  • Garrison force protection exercise: Crossing boundaries, joining commands
  • Service members join European Best Squad Competition
  • European Best Squad Competition kicks off
  • Commander of the Combat Readiness Center visits 7th Army JMTC
  • European Activity Set maintains big role in Combined Resolve V
  • Combined Resolve V to exercise Army's regionally-aligned forces to Europe
  • Army Europe simulation center gets new director
  • SMA Dailey speaks to future leaders in Grafenwoehr about professional development
  • What is Swift Response 15?
  • Swift Response 15 brings unique training operating environment to Allied participants
  • Exercise Swift Response rapidly builds combat power
  • Fighter jet fuel removed, prevents contamination
  • Three Soldiers from JMRC move on to Army Europe Best Warrior Competition
  • See faster, react faster, hit faster
  • Exercise Allied Spirit II strengthens NATO interoperability, relationships
  • Ghana soldiers get a taste of the Army's Warrior Leader Course
  • Hohenfels Training Area cleared to land C-130 aircraft at short takeoff landing strip
  • Allied Spirit II: Sustaining the NATO Alliance
  • Leaders discuss future of Army in Europe during Grafenwoehr visit
  • New precision guided fuse for artillerymen in Europe
  • Hohenfels revitalizes drop zone for NATO airborne training
  • Oberdachstetten Local Training Area: Hidden in plain sight
  • Training management course helps commanders
  • Tanzanian army chief visits JMTC
  • Long distance training: Digital campus supports US and Polish Soldiers
  • New commander for International Special Forces Training Center
  • Live fire finish to Exercise Combined Resolve IV
  • Secretary of Defense visits Grafenwoehr, observes training
  • Still serving, Army veterans continue to make a difference in Operation Atlantic Resolve
  • 250 soldiers graduate from the 7th Army Non-Commissioned Officer Academy
  • Warrior Leader Course successful in the Czech Republic
  • The day in the life of a North Dakota public affairs detachment
  • Restructuring of 12th Combat Aviation Brigade
  • 2nd Cavalry Regiment 'walk and shoot' boasts rapid integration
  • 173rd Airborne Brigade augments trainer staff at multinational exercise
  • Massachusetts National Guard augments training center at multinational exercise
  • Troops issued tanks for Combined Resolve IV
  • Training no longer confined to single geographical area
  • Combined Resolve IV to exercise Army's regionally aligned forces to Europe
  • Whether ground or air: More than land training at Saber Junction 15
  • 1-4 Infantry Battalion a force to be reckoned with
  • Operation Letzlingen Shock begins in Germany
  • 'Dragons' breathe fire at multinational training
  • Rotational troops get new rec center at JMTC training area
  • The academic side of war fighting: How the Army resolves differences among multinational partners
  • OCTs: The eyes and ears of multinational training
  • For 2nd Cavalry Regiment, Saber Junction 15 offers post-war training in a complex environment
  • Playing the bad guy at multinational exercise Saber Junction 15
  • How the Army provides medical support at a multinational exercise
  • 2nd Cavalry Regiment alongside NATO Allies at Saber Junction 15
  • Latvia enhances interoperability at Saber Junction 15
  • Army Europe senior leaders visit Saber Junction 15
  • 2nd Cavalry Regiment engineers train to win at Saber Junction 15
  • Hundreds brave Grafenwoehr's brutal 15K obstacle course
  • A logistical nightmare: How Saber Junction 15 tests support capabilities
  • Care under fire: German medics train with wounded vets
  • Making 'connections' at Saber Junction 15
  • Endangered bats protected in Hohenfels
  • 17 Nations get lasered up for Saber Junction 15
  • The evolution of Saber Junction
  • JMTC earns Army Superior Unit Award
  • Dragoon Ride: 2CR returns home to Vilseck
  • From Aviano to Grafenwoehr in 18 hours
  • British cadets reach 'pinnacle' at JMRC in quest for commission
  • Saber Junction 15 kicks off with rapid-deployment and jump into Romania
  • Planning, training makes for safe airborne training
  • USAREUR G6 visits JMTC, meets with signal Soldiers
  • WWII bomb defused a community effort at Army garrison in Grafenwoehr
  • British cadets prove their mettle at Hohenfels
  • NCO Academy reaches troops in Kosovo
  • Reserve and active Soldiers bond through training
  • Exercise Saber Junction 15 to prepare 17 nations in offensive, defensive operations
  • U.S. Marines, Georgian soldiers complete training at JMRC
  • Who's maintaining our vehicles and equipment prepositioned in Europe?
  • Army Europe's JMRC offers lessons learned to Czech land forces
  • How one Marine is helping the Republic of Georgia
  • Republic of Georgia soldiers train with Marines at Army post
  • U.S. Marines, Georgian troops ready for NATO's Resolute Support
  • 4ID deploys to Europe in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve
  • 10 NATO Allies come together to plan major crisis response exercise
  • NATO's Communications and Information Agency attends Exercise Allied Spirit
  • Thinking outside of the box: changing the way we communicate
  • JMTC commander on JMTC's evolving role (part 1)
  • JMTC commander on JMTC's evolving role (part 2)
  • Understanding what Allied Spirit I does for NATO
  • Tactical voice bridge: How Allied Spirit I addresses multinational differences
  • USAREUR commander visits Exercise Allied Spirit I
  • Mississippi National Guard Assists in NATO exercise at JMTC
  • TRADOC commander visits Allied Spirit I in Hohenfels, Germany
  • Before they were Soldiers, they were father and son
  • Multinational senior military leaders visit Allied Spirit I
  • Exercise Allied Spirit supports Strong Europe
  • 2nd Cavalry Regiment arrives ready for Allied Spirit I
  • Exercise Allied Spirit I underway at Hohenfels, Germany
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  • LANDCOM achieves 'Full Operating Capability'
  • U.S. Army helicopter makes precautionary landing near Neukirchen
  • JMRC Hosts the NATO Orientation Course
  • A day in the life of an infantryman at Combined Resolve III
  • Newly created field artillery battery to take on howitzer for 173rd Airborne Brigade
  • Unmanned Aerial System goes down in Hohenfels Training Area
  • AFSBn-Germany issues European Activity Set equipment to Combined Resolve III troops
  • Playing the bad guys at Combined Resolve III
  • Multinational JTACs call the shots at Combined Resolve III
  • Danish relocate, connect and get busy at Combined Resolve III
  • Armenians, Serbians partner up at exercise Combined Resolve III
  • Regionally aligned forces in Europe on display during CSA visit to Combined Resolve III
  • Multinational Special Operations learn together during Combined Resolve III
  • Combined Resolve III exercises Army's European Rotational Force
  • Kazakhstan military demonstrates peacekeeping deployment capability in Steppe Eagle 14
  • UK, West Point cadets train together at JMTC
  • JMTC to hold change-of-command ceremony, Jul. 21
  • Training Support Activity Europe provides key support for Persistent Presence
  • Cold Grunts, hot chow: A recipe for morale during Combined Resolve II
  • Combined Resolve II roles prepare European armies for coalition missions
  • Greek officers plan for the future at Combined Resolve II
  • Interoperability takes flight during Combined Resolve II
  • European Activity Set in action during Combined Resolve II
  • American and Slovenian Soldiers join together at Combined Resolve II
  • Intense training marks Austrian, U.S. partnership during Combined Resolve II
  • Romanians take command of Opposing Forces during Combined Resolve II
  • NATO forces train for multi-national future during Combined Resolve II
  • 16th Sustainment Brigade establishes field HQ during Combined Resolve II
  • French, U.S. soldiers team up during first Combined Resolve II mission
  • NATO evaluator course held for the first time at JMTC
  • Combined Resolve II opens with multi-national capabilities on display
  • SecArmy focuses on regionally-aligned forces at Combined Resolve II
  • Combined Resolve II on display for U.S. Ambassador to Germany
  • AFN: 1/1 CD Bradley Gunnery during Combined Resolve II
  • 16th Sustainment Brigade leads convoy to Hohenfels for Combine Resolve II
  • 16th Sustainment Brigade helps with EAS draw for Combined Resolve II
  • Ironhorse Brigade prepares for Combined Resolve II with EAS draw
  • Multi-national Air Support Special Operations train at Hohenfels
  • Combined Resolve II to exercise European Rotational Force
  • U.S. Soldier earns place at British military academy
  • Aviation exercise forges partnerships in Europe
  • Weather causes precautionary helicopter landing near Hirschau
  • European Union Battlegroup trains in Grafenwoehr
  • Victims Rights in JMTC strengthened by DoD change
  • U.S. Army Europe announces rebalance, restructure plans (EN)/(DE)
  • Grafenwoehr, Hohenfels to host Army aviation exercise in March
  • JMTC NATO 'ready' at Grafenwoehr
  • Heavy Armor returns to Europe, supports rotational forces
  • Combined Resolve I: Lessons Learned
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    Check out what's been happening at Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine recently, including: -U.S. Army Europe's Maj. Gen. John Gronski visiting the 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team - forward Soldiers; -Sgt. Brian Kennedy gifting a beautiful painting to the museum managed at JMTG-U, and -US/Ukrainian foreign weapons training day.
    Willkommen to Col. Joseph E. Hilbert, JMRC's new commander.
    Nebraska National Guard, Iowa Army National Guard and North Dakota National Guard aviation units have been participating in medical evacuation training at the Grafenwoehr Training Area.
    At 0800, June 30, 1910, an artillery crew from the Royal Bavarian Army's III Corps fired a round from a hill just to the west of the village of Grafenwohr. It marked the beginning of military training at the newly-established Grafenwoehr Training Area. It's a legacy which continues today, 108 years later, as NATO and Partner nations hone their skills and build the relationships here that promote stability and security in Europe. Happy Birthday, Grafenwoehr Training Area!
    We've all been there. A day in "The Box" and your vehicle is covered in layers of dust, dirt, mud or snow, but now, JMRC has opened a state-of-the-art, high-speed wash rack for units who will be training in Hohenfels.
    "I never expected to be pulled onto a mission like this." New York Army National Guard's 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team - forward Soldiers mentor and learn from Ukrainian counterparts during deployment.
    This is Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine: More than a thousand Soldiers from eight countries work together at the Yavoriv Combat Training Center to train, mentor and develop the defensive capabilities of the Ukrainian military.
    Brig. Gen. Christopher LaNeve, 7th Army Training Command commander, recently met with Annette Evans, U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria deputy commander, and the garrison team to familiarize himself with USAG Bavaria facilities and services, including Netzaberg family housing, the chapel, trash and recycling facilities, and Soldiers' quarters.
    Drum roll please: the results are in for the 7th Army Training Command #BestWarrior Competition. Congratulations to JMRC's 1-4 Infantry Regiment's: -Officer: 1st Lt. Robert L. Martin -Noncommissioned Officer: Staff Sgt. Cesar Gonzalez -Soldier: Spc. Derek Teegardin Good luck in the upcoming U.S. Army Europe-level competition!
    Soldiers from 7th Army NCO Academy and JMRC undergo the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear lane as part of the 7th Army Training Command #BestWarrior Competition this week at Grafenwoehr Training Area. Photos by Markus Rauchenberger, Training Support Activity Europe
    #BestWarrior competitors from 7th Army Training Command conduct the stress shoot lane. The top Officer, Noncommissioned Officer and Soldier of the Year will go on to compete at the U.S. Army Europe level. (Photos by Gertrud Zach, Training Support Activity Europe)
    The #BestWarrior Competition continues for 7th Army Training Command Soldiers from JMRC and 7th Army NCO Academy working for the titles of 7ATC Officer, Noncommissioned Officer and Soldier of the Year. Photos by Training Support Activity Europe's Markus Rauchenberger and Gertrud Zach.
    Soldiers assigned to 7th Army Training Command undergo the Army physical fitness test; an obstacle course; medical care scenarios; and weapons assembly, zero and qualify tasks. This three-day event tests Soldier skills, endurance, fortitude and resourcefulness as well as intellectual and problem-solving capabilities to see who moves on to the U.S. Army Europe-level competition.
    U.S.Army Soldiers train Danish and Macedonian soldiers in applying first aid to simulated casualties during the 7th Army Training Command Combined Arms Training Center's Combat Lifesaver course at Grafenwoehr Training Area. Photos by Spc. Emily Houdershieldt, Training Support Activity Europe
    U.S. Army #Soldiers know they have to be prepared for anything, and Soldiers in 7th Army Training Command are being put to the test as they begin the #BestWarrior Competition this week. The three-day event will determine the 7ATC Officer, Noncommissioned Officer and Soldier of the Year, and the three individuals will compete in the upcoming U.S. Army Europe Best Warrior Competition.
    U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria will participate in a full-scale force protection exercise, June 21-23, throughout the Bavarian footprint. The exercise could result in increased force protection and security measures for 7ATC community members.
    The US Army Combat Readiness Center recently announced the U.S. Army #Safety award winners for fiscal year, including 7th Army Training Command.
    Missed the tank challenge fun last week? AFN Bavaria has a recap of the competition. Bundesheer, 1er régiment de Chasseurs, Bundeswehr, 34 Brygada Kawalerii Pancernej - "Hetmańska Brygada", Wartofta Stridsvagnskompani, The Queen's Royal Hussars, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division
    Take a look around as 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team - forward Soldiers assigned to Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine oversee Ukraine’s 2-80th Air Assault Brigade while they conduct transportation and air support operations in conjunction with a company-level field training exercise.
    RT @USAGBavaria: Tech Expo at #USAGBavaria Wed, July 25 from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the Tower View Conference Center hosted by the Network Ente…
    RT @JMTG_Ukraine: https://t.co/IGBDyHlXeE Soldiers of the 27th IBCT(fwd) completed their Basic Leadership Course #BLC with a Field Trainin…
    RT @JMTG_Ukraine: Spc. Telitskaya (left) and Spc. Brown (right) { both fluent in Ukrainian language } pose with their friend after graduati…
    RT @USArmyEurope: #ThrowbackThursday: In the summer of 1910, an artillery crew with the Royal Bavarian Army's III Corps marked the beginnin…
    RT @JMTG_Ukraine: @MGGronski visited the #JMTGU 11 July to provide mentorship, outlook on the future of the #JMTGU mission, and encourageme…
    RT @JMTG_Ukraine: Soldiers of the 27th IBCT (fwd) and #Ukrainian Combat Training Center instructors took part in a foreign weapons training…
    RT @JMTG_Ukraine: Sgt. Brian Kennedy decided to paint a gift for Ukraine. The painting resides in the museum located at the Yavoriv Combat…
    RT @USNATO: SecGen: NATO is firm in its support of Ukraine’s sovereignty & strongly condemns Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea. Ukraine…
    RT @JMTG_Ukraine: This is #JMTGU 🇺🇸🇺🇦🇨🇦🇱🇹🇵🇱🇬🇧 https://t.co/VTOSjzlV6P
    RT @HohenfelsJMRC: The Joint Multinational Readiness Center said goodbye to its outgoing commander, and said hello to its new commander at…
    RT @USArmyEurope: #SaturdayShoutout: Welcome to Europe 4th Combat Aviation Brigade! The brigade will replace the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade fo…
    RT @USArmyEurope: #TrainingTuesday: U.S. Soldiers with the @NationalGuardNY mentor, instruct, and learn from the 🇺🇦 Army through @JMTG_Ukr
    RT @USAGBavaria: Community Resource Guide is a comprehensive inventory of programs and services available to a military community #OwnMyRea
    RT @APOGermany: Great report from @soldiermagazine on @ChurchillsOwn participation in the Strong Europe Tank Challenge hosted by @7thATC ht…
    RT @USArmyEurope: #ICYMI: Congrats to the winners of @7thATC's Best Warrior Competition: 🏅 1st Lt. Robert L. Martin 🏅Staff Sgt. Cesar Gon…
    RT @HohenfelsJMRC: Be sure to join the Hohenfels Community Independence Day celebrations July 3rd from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. with fireworks beg…
    RT @USArmyEurope: #SaturdayShoutout: Welcome to Europe 4th Combat Aviation Brigade! The brigade will replace the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade fo…
    Here's what's happening @USArmy: SPC Derek Teegardin of @HohenfelsJMRC jumps over an obstacle during the @7thATChttps://t.co/lTylseU2Ib
    Here's what's happening @DanielADaily13: SPC Derek Teegardin of @HohenfelsJMRC jumps over an obstacle during the… https://t.co/koQlYbLACq
    RT @DanielADaily13: What's happening in this photo? @7thATC https://t.co/lJKou5iylM
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