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There are no changes to German or Bavarian regulations following a meeting between Chancellor Merkel and the Minister Presidents of the German States. People are urged to continue following current COVID-19 restrictions to decrease the incidence rate and to prevent further measures in the future.

Bavaria and Germany announced this week a nationwide restriction on public activities in response to increased cases in Germany and Europe. This will go into effect Monday (2 November) and is expected to last through the entire month.

The measures put into place in the current Annex A remain in effect, and align to the host nation. The following is a summary of the host nation announcements, but are not exhaustive and we need our community members to keep themselves informed and check with their chains of command for future updates.

A translation of the latest ordinance may be found at the 7ATC COVID-19 Dashboard below and the U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach and U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria websites:

  • Gatherings in public and private are limited to no more than 2 households, and a maximum of 10 people. This supersedes the 'stoplight' chart previously used by Bavaria of Green, Amber, Red & Dark Red.
  • Schools and childcare remain open.
  • Worship services will remain open.
  • Restaurants may remain open but will only offer takeout and/or delivery.
  • Citizens are asked to refrain from unnecessary trips and visits; hotels will only allow guests for non-tourist purposes.
  • Recreation activities such as theaters, cinemas, swimming pools, gyms and fitness studios, zoos, museums and amusements parks will be closed.
  • Stores may remain open provided they maintain one customer per 10 meters of space.
  • Cosmetic studios, tattoo parlors and similar businesses requiring close physical proximity will close, but hair salons and barbers may remain open.
  • Bars and nightclubs remain closed.
  • Leisure activities and amateur sports may only be conducted individually, in pairs, or as a household. Public sports facilities will close.

Not knowing the Bavarian/German law, and the General Order, is not an excuse to prevent you from being fined, and it certainly won't help stop the spread of the virus.

Units will continue to train to build and maintain readiness, and continue to enforce protocols to ensure that training occurs safely. In alignment with the host nation, industries and business remain open but tele-work will be used to the maximum extent possible.

We need everyone on board to keep our formations and families healthy, our schools and services open, and set conditions for a safe holiday season.

Bavarian Minister President Markus Soeder has announced today that Bavaria will completely implement yesterday's federal states’ decisions regarding new COVID-19 restrictions effective November 2 and continuing through the end of the month. This includes: limiting group size to two households and a maximum of 10 people in private and public spaces, limiting unnecessary travel, closure of leisure facilities, and closure of restaurants and bars. Schools and essential services like medical, grocery or pharmacy will stay open.

This update brings all our communities in Bavaria to the same level of protective measures, commensurate with the number of cases across Bavaria as listed by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Commercial bus and rail is still restricted. No overnight travel is permitted. Make sure you're aware of host-nation and Bavarian ordinances, which can also be found below or the U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria and U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach websites. As new announcements are made over the coming days based on current events, please ensure you are staying informed and checking with your chain of command. 

There is a new General Order # 1F Annex A in effect for 7ATC units starting Oct. 22. Major changes from the previous version include:

  • No overnight travel is authorized.
  • No travel via German rail or bus systems. Buses running between U.S. Army installations will operate at reduced capacity, and this restriction does not apply to school buses. Otherwise, travel is limited to personal vehicles.
  • Tower Barracks and Rose Barracks will follow the same mitigation measures as seen in the attached photo.
  • Travel within Germany is not limited by distance. However, no travel is authorized to any areas designated red by RKI. This includes cities in Bavaria, locations within Germany and other countries. Visit RKI website to find the latest information. 

Neustadt / Waldnaab county is Dark Red. This means both Tower and Rose Barracks are to follow the rules for Dark Red. Hohenfels is to follow the rules for Red, and Garmisch is to follow the rules for Yellow. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and watch your distance.

7ATC Risk Areas Map (Click on Map for Live View)



7ATC General Order Information
Annex A Information By Community (Click Arrow to View Information)
COVID-19 Restriction of Movement (ROM) Definitions (Click Arrow to View Information)
Restriction Level for Installations
Location Status Garrison
1, 2  Grafenwoehr and Vilseck
3  Hohenfels
4  Ansbach
5  Garmisch

These restrictions may be higher than host nation restrictions. Both military and host nation restrictions apply. 

Host Nation Resources

The Re-Open EU Map is an information resource only. Germany only recognizes the RKI High Risk Country list to determine risk levels of other countries. 

Face Mask Guidance
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7ATC COVID-19 Mitigation Goals
  • Remain ready to fight
  • Protect our current levels of services at our installations
  • Keep our kids in school
  • Safely enjoy the holiday season