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The 7th Army Training Command's robust and dynamic expeditionary training teams bring efficient and effective training solutions anywhere it's needed in Europe, Africa and beyond. The 7th ATC combines and connects live, virtual and simulated training with NATO and partner-nation training centers.

We prepare U.S., NATO and partner-nation forces by connecting live, virtual and simulated training to enable nations to train together and set conditions for peace.

Video by Staff Sgt. Ashley Low
U.S. Soldiers assigned to 1-4 Infantry Regiment assist with Project Origin
7th Army Training Command
June 6, 2022 | 1:07
U.S. Soldiers assigned to 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment assist with the development of robotic combat vehicles for Project Origin in the Hohenfels Training Area, Germany, June 6, 2022. Project Origin uses autonomous ground vehicles to support Army maneuvers by providing a variety of load packages, depending on the situation, and its use is being demonstrated during exercise Combined Resolve 17 as part of the Army's modernization and emerging technologies initiatives. Combined Resolve is a U.S. Army exercise consisting of 5,600 service members, Allies and partners from more than 10 countries, and is designed to assess units' abilities to conduct combat operations effectively in a multi-domain battlespace.

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