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Joint Multinational Readiness Center


The Joint Multinational Readiness Center, the Europe-based Combat Training Center (CTC) with a world-wide mobile training capability, trains leaders, staffs, and units up to Brigade Combat Teams(+) and multinational partners, to dominate in the conduct of Unified Land Operations (ULO) anywhere in the world, now and in the future.

The Joint Multinational Readiness Center is situated in the Oberpfalz region of Bavaria and headquartered at USAG Bavaria, Hohenfels Training Area. JMRC provides a myriad of indispensable capabilities to the U.S. Army and our European Allies and partners. 

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Our Capabilities

JMRC is the only Army Combat Training Center outside the continental U.S. on Hohenfels Training Area (HTA). HTA is 163 km2, has 1,345 buildings for training, has 319 kilometers of road and numerous cross country trails, and has one short take-off/landing airfield.

JMRC provides a myriad of indispensable capabilities to the U.S. Army, our European allies and other partners. JMRC integrates multinational participation into every rotation. JMRC can tailor the exercise and operational environment based on the needs and requirements of the training audience. JMRC supports training for other U.S. agencies and foreign non-military organizations. JMRC regularly employs the U.S. Army’s Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) and Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRE) concepts. JMRC regularly hosts DATE exercises to deploy and test the Regionally Aligned Forces as part of the European Reaction Force. JMRC hosts the Kosovo Force (KFOR) Mission Rehearsal Exercise.

JMRC provides world-class opposing forces - the 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment (1-4 IN) - to train participants and trains all warfighting functions; several support directorates to ensure world-class support to our rotations; and 15 Observer Coach Trainer teams to provide evaluation and lessons learned for a wide variety of military occupational specialties for each maneuver training rotation.

JMRC provides a realistic, complex operational environment supported by world class OCTs and OPFOR.

Observer Coach Trainer Teams

OCT Teams observe, coach and train elements from sections through brigades(+) during the planning, preparation and execution phases of simulated combat operations at JMRC. These teams collect, analyze and provide feedback to rotational units via After Action Reviews and Take Home Packages.

JMRC employs OCT Teams and personnel to provide evaluation and lessons learned for a wide variety of military occupational specialties for each maneuver training rotation. JMRC has the ability to deploy OCT teams as required to support expeditionary training events.

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Video by Sgt. Amanda Fry
Joint Multinational Readiness Center - Train to Win: Small Unmanned Aerial System
Joint Multinational Readiness Center
May 10, 2021 | 42:44
In this podcast, Panther team Observer Coach/Trainer Capt. Brandon Shorter and Staff Sgt. Christopher Curley discuss small unmanned aerial system (SUAS) programs and how to implement the use of drones in training at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center.

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Opposing Forces

1-4 LogoIn a forward-deployed environment, 1-4 Infantry Regiment conducts combat operations throughout the full spectrum of the contemporary operational environment to provide realistic joint and combined arms training conditions focused on developing Soldiers, leaders and units for success on current and future battlefields throughout U.S. Army Europe. On order, 1-4 IN deploys combat forces to conduct combat operations in support of the global war on terrorism.


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