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Response time for email should be within 24 hours. Response time for mail sent through the U.S. or German postal systems will vary. Operating hours for phone calls is Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Offices are normally closed all weekends and U.S. federal holidays. For emergency assistance, please call the 24 hour Military Police desk at your location.

Official Contact Information
24-Hour Staff Duty Desk

CIV: +49 (0) 9641-70-569-6613
DSN: (314) 569-6613

7ATC Mailing Address:

Seventh Army Training Command 
Unit 28130 
APO AE 09114

7ATC Physical Address:

Tower Barracks, Building/Geb. 123A 
Gettysburg Ave. 
92655 Grafenwoehr, Germany

Installation Assistance (Operator):

CIV: +49 (0) 9641-83-113
DSN: (314) 475-1110


Looking for other contact information? Visit the pages in the tool bar above to connect with directorates, offices and staff sections. 

Call Public Affairs Office
  • +49 (0) 9641-70-569-0026/0027/0028/0029, DSN: (314) 569-0026/0027/0028/0029
7ATC Media Queries
  • CIV: +49 (0) 9641-70-569-0026/0027/0028/0029, DSN: (314) 569-0026/0027/0028/0029
7ATC Website Questions
  • CIV: +49 (0) 9641-70-569-0028, DSN: (314) 569-0028
USAG-Bavaria PAO
  • CIV: +49 (0) 9641-70-526-2000, DSN: (314) 526-2000
Help us combat imposters

There are times that the names and images of 7th ATC leaders have been used to fraudulently victimize or scam well-meaning people. You will NEVER receive a personal friend request, or a request for money, from any of the 7th ATC leadership. Report fake accounts and scams to the social media platform you are using:

Email PAO