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Georgia Defense Readiness Program-Training

The Georgia Defense Readiness Program – Training (GDRP-T) was a bilateral United States-Georgian training program launched on May 1, 2018. U.S. Army Europe supported the Georgian Ministry of Defense’s training of nine Georgian battalions through 2021. The Georgian Armed Forces maintained a high-level of training for its international missions, and the GDRP training mission complemented and added to Georgia’s interoperability as well as strengthened the country’s territorial defense capabilities. U.S. and Georgian forces served alongside each other in Afghanistan and around the world, so it's fitting that we support them in this training effort to promote peace and European security.


In October 2021, the U.S. Secretary of Defense announced the foundational Georgia Defense Readiness Program would conclude at the end of the year, and announced the Georgia Defense and Deterrence Enhancement Initiative.


In December 2021, the United States and Georgian Ministry of Defense marked the formal conclusion of the Georgia Defense Readiness Program, discussed plans for sustaining and building upon these gains in the future, and the transitioned to the Georgia Defense and Deterrence Enhancement Initiative.


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As U.S. Army Europe's premier training command, 7th ATC resources the training readiness for all of U.S. Army Europe's assigned and allocated forces throughout the EUCOM area of operations. Leveraging its combat training center expertise, 7th ATC also oversees the EUCOM directed CTC development efforts with partnered nations like the Georgia Defense Readiness Program-Training (GDRP-T).