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Headquarters and Headquarters Company

Mission: HHC, 7th Army Training Command enables the Soldiers and Civilians of the 7th ATC HQ, JMSC, TSAE, and CATC to focus on their mission to provide lethal formations (U.S. and allies) to a Land Component Commander to fight a near peer adversary.


Building 501, Tower Barracks

HHC conducts in/out processing for 7th ATC to include the following services:

  • Company S1 – Human Resource/Finance Actions, Awards, DD93/SGLI, Personnel Readiness Reviews, Ration Cards, etc. 
  • Operations – Unit Training Management, Individual Training Records, Orders Analysis, DTMS, Event Planning, etc.
  • Supply – Property Book Management, Supply Distribution, Armsroom Management, etc.


Hours of Operation: Mon.–Fri., 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Closed U.S. federal and training holidays.





  • Commercial in Germany: 09641-70-569-XXXX
  • From the US: 011-49-9641-70-569-XXXX
  • DSN from the US: (314) 569-XXXX


S1 NCOIC: x0153
Operations SGT: x0156
Supply SGT: x0155

HHC, 7th ATC Soldier and Family Readiness Group (SFRG)

The SFRG supports all Soldiers, family members and civilians of HHC, 7th ATC.  They can be contacted via Facebook.

Newcomers/Sponsorship Information

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