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Joint Multinational Readiness Center

The Joint Multinational Readiness Center, the Europe-based Combat Training Center (CTC) with a world-wide mobile training capability, trains leaders, staffs, and units up to Brigade Combat Teams(+) and multinational partners, to dominate in the conduct of Unified Land Operations (ULO) anywhere in the world, now and in the future

The Joint Multinational Readiness Center is situated in the Oberpfalz region of Bavaria and headquartered at USAG Bavaria, Hohenfels Training Area. JMRC provides a myriad of indispensable capabilities to the U.S. Army and our European Allies and partners. 

Our Capabilities

JMRC is the only Army Combat Training Center outside the continental U.S. on Hohenfels Training Area (HTA). HTA is 163 km2, has 1,345 buildings for training, has 319 kilometers of road and numerous cross country trails, and has one short take-off/landing airfield.

JMRC provides a myriad of indispensable capabilities to the U.S. Army, our European allies and other partners. JMRC integrates multinational participation into every rotation. JMRC can tailor the exercise and operational environment based on the needs and requirements of the training audience. JMRC supports training for other U.S. agencies and foreign non-military organizations. JMRC regularly employs the U.S. Army’s Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) and Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRE) concepts. JMRC regularly hosts DATE exercises to deploy and test the Regionally Aligned Forces as part of the European Reaction Force. JMRC hosts the Kosovo Force (KFOR) Mission Rehearsal Exercise.

JMRC provides world-class opposing forces - the 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment (1-4 IN) - to train participants and trains all warfighting functions; several support directorates to ensure world-class support to our rotations; and 15 Observer Coach Trainer teams to provide evaluation and lessons learned for a wide variety of military occupational specialties for each maneuver training rotation.

JMRC provides a realistic, complex operational environment supported by world class OCTs and OPFOR.

Observer Coach Trainer Teams

OCT Teams observe, coach and train elements from sections through brigades(+) during the planning, preparation and execution phases of simulated combat operations at JMRC. These teams collect, analyze and provide feedback to rotational units via After Action Reviews and Take Home Packages.

JMRC employs OCT Teams and personnel to provide evaluation and lessons learned for a wide variety of military occupational specialties for each maneuver training rotation. JMRC has the ability to deploy OCT teams as required to support expeditionary training events.

Opposing Forces

1-4 LogoIn a forward-deployed environment, 1-4 IN conducts combat operations throughout the full spectrum of the contemporary operational environment to provide realistic joint and combined arms training conditions focused on developing Soldiers, leaders and units for success on current and future battlefields throughout U.S. Army Europe. On order, 1-4 IN deploys combat forces to conduct combat operations in support of the global war on terrorism.

Mailing Address:
HQ Joint Multinational Readiness Center
Unit 28216
APO AE 09173-8216


HQ Joint Multinational Readiness Center
Geb. 1
92366 Hohenfels





  • Commercial in Germany: 09641-70-522-xxxx
  • From the US: 011-49-9641-70-522-xxxx
  • DSN from the US: (314) 522-xxxx

    Staff Duty Desk: x5361
    Public Affairs Office: x5047

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    It is with great pleasure and honor to present JMRC's newest Non Commissioned Officers to the NCO Corps. They will forever be known as the "Backbone of the Army." Congratulations. To view more photos, please visit JMRC's Flickr Page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/154942012@N06/albums/72157671275222748 #StrongEurope #ArmyFamily #TrainToWin 1-4 Infantry Regiment
    Recently JMRC was honored to receive a visit by Command Sgt. Maj. Martin S. Celestine from US Army Infantry School, Ft Benning, Georgia. Celestine is no stranger to JMRC, once upon a time he was 1-4 Infantry Regiment's CSM, and the CSM for an OC/T Team here at JMRC. It was a privilege to spend time with you, CSM Celestine. #StrongEurope #ArmyFamily #TrainToWin
    The Joint Multinational Readiness Center says hello to its new commander, Col. Joseph E. Hilbert. Welcome, Sir! We look forward to some amazing training under your leadership. For more photos of his reception, please visit JMRC's Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/154942012@N06/albums/72157698509758084 #StrongEurope #ArmyFamily #TrainToWin
    The Joint Multinational Readiness Center said goodbye to its outgoing commander, and said hello to its new commander at a change of command ceremony here, July 10, 2018. Please enjoy this video commemorating the event. #StrongEurope #ArmyFamily #TrainToWin
    If you were not able to attend JMRC's Change of Command Ceremony, good news, you can visit our new Flickr page for more photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/154942012@N06/albums/72157671056288818/with/28469415487/ #StrongEurope #ArmyFamily #TrainToWin
    The Joint Multinational Readiness Center said goodbye to its outgoing commander, and said hello to its new commander at a change of command ceremony here, July 10, 2018. Col. Buzzard, you've been a tremendous leader, thank you and Godspeed. Col. Hilbert, welcome to you and your family. #StrongEurope #ArmyFamily #TrainToWin U.S. Army Europe
    Recently JMRC took a moment to recognize some of the exceptionally hard working Consolidated Maintenance Soldiers and Civilian Employees who keep the U.S. Army running here at Hohenfels. For more photos, please visit JMRC’s new Flickr Page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/154942012@N06/albums/72157697370173734 #StrongEurope #ArmyFamily #TrainToWin
    On this day, July 6, 2009, Capt. Mark A. Garner, with the Joint Multinational Readiness Center's 1-4 Infantry Regiment, was killed in action. Again on this day, July 6, 2010, Pfc. Michael S. Pridham Jr., Spc. Roger Lee, and Staff Sgt. Marc A. Arizmendez, all from 1-4 IN, were killed in action. It is with a somber heart that JMRC remembers and honors these brave U.S. Army Soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Please join us as we honor them, and never forget their selfless service. #NeverForget #ArmyFamily #HonorOurFallen
    The U.S. Army relies on all components to complete its mission, and here we see aviation units from Nebraska National Guard, Iowa National Guard and North Dakota National Guard participating in MEDEVAC training at the Grafenwoehr Training Area June 21, 2018. U.S. Army Europe #StrongEurope #TrainToWin
    JMRC would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Independence Day! In order to take some time off this holiday, the Hohenfels Community celebrated Independence Day on July 3rd. A special thanks to the USO for providing top-notch entertainment. For more Independence Day celebration photos, please visit JMRC's new Flickr Page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/154942012@N06/albums/72157698204280704 #StrongEurope #ArmyFamily #TrainToWin 7th Army Training Command U.S. Army Europe U.S. Army
    As a reminder, You are invited to attend a Change of Command Ceremony where the Joint Multinational Readiness Center will say goodbye to Col. Curtis A. Buzzard, and say hello to the incoming Commander of Operations Group, Col. Joseph E. Hilbert tomorrow, July 10, 2018 at 10:00 at the Hohenfels Airfield. #StrongEurope #ArmyFamily #TrainToWin
    Remember to join the Hohenfels Community Independence Day celebrations tonight, July 3rd, from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. with fireworks beginning at 10:30 p.m. at the Festplatz. Entertainment, burgers, bounce castles and much more awaits you. See you there! #StrongEurope #ArmyFamily
    More action from last week's #BestWarrior2018 Competition. Soldiers underwent the Army physical fitness test; an obstacle course; medical care scenarios; and weapons assembly, zero and qualify tasks. The three-day event tested Soldier skills, endurance, fortitude and resourcefulness, as well as intellectual and problem-solving capabilities. #StrongEurope #TrainToWin
    The Joint Multinational Readiness Center, and U.S. Army as a whole, rely on the hard work and tireless effort of the individual Soldiers who make our forces the world's greatest Army every day. Recently U.S. Army Europe's premier Combat Training Center recognized that hard work. Please join us in a proverbial round of applause for all of these outstanding Soldiers and their effort to make JMRC, and our country as a whole, better every day. To see more photos, please visit JMRC's new Flickr Page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/154942012@N06/albums/72157697370173734 #StrongEurope #TrainToWin
    UH-72A Lakota air crews from the Nebraska National Guard and Iowa National Guard demonstrate their aerial medevac capabilities at U.S. Army Europe's Grafenwöhr Training Area 21 June, as part of their four-month rotation conducting real-world medevac coverage for both Grafenwöhr and the Joint Multinational Readiness Center's Hohenfels Training Area. #StrongEurope #TrainToWin
    As summer continues, all too familiar occurrences take place; JMRC family members begin to PCS. Here we see Lt. Col. Steve Gventer, senior O-C/T for JMRC’s Grizzly Team, receive his PCS award. Godspeed, Sir! #StrongEurope #ArmyFamily #TrainToWin
    More photos from the #BestWarrior Competition, which included 7th Army Training Command Soldiers from JMRC and 7th Army NCO Academy, who worked for the titles of 7ATC Officer, Noncommissioned Officer and Soldier of the Year. Check out some of our 1-4 Infantry Regiment Soldiers. #StrongEurope #TrainToWin
    For those who were not able to view all of the Job Shadow Day photos from last month, you can see them on JMRC's new Flickr Page here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/154942012@N06/albums/72157692401052630 #StrongEurope #ArmyFamily #TrainToWin
    JMRC establishes a new, state-of-the-art, high-speed wash rack in the Hohenfels Training Area that enhances capabilities for JMRC operations. This will generate faster recovery times following future JMRC rotations. #StrongEurope #TrainToWin
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    Helping Keep #EuropeStrong! Moldovan 🇲🇩 and Ukrainian 🇺🇦 forces #TrainToWin with @USArmy and partner nations at… https://t.co/RCWC127Y5k
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    Latvian Forces on Patrol! The Latvian armed forces #TrainToWin at #CombinedResolve, keeping watch and staying aler… https://t.co/e1PmfcDJeb
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    Albanian forces celebrate their Armed Forces Day as they #Traintowin with @USArmy and @NATO partners during… https://t.co/4gUBS2WQRZ
    On Oct. 1 @HohenfelsJMRC said farewell to CSM T.J.Holland during a reliquishment of responsibility ceremony. Thanks… https://t.co/5cu5j0KdXa
    Check out what Cadet Nathaniel Mason, from @cedarville, University in Ohio learned here at @JMRC during Cadet Troop… https://t.co/bY81w8SH4Z
    RT @HohenfelsJMRC: @JMRCHohenfels had special visitors yesterday as officers from the United Arab Emirates recieved a tour of the base and…
    @JMRCHohenfels had special visitors yesterday as officers from the United Arab Emirates recieved a tour of the base… https://t.co/A5JNApGfZW
    JMRC is about our multinational partners, but it's also about the multi-component cohesion as @NationalGuard Soldie… https://t.co/kifoewK8oF
    More from last week's training provided by JMRC's O/C T's, members of the @NENationalGuard and @NDNationalGuard for… https://t.co/P4ELHt5T4k
    Recently JMRC's Headquarters and Headquarters Company held a change of command ceremony to welcome Capt. Benjamen K… https://t.co/UbBiWOgNmD
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