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Combined Arms Training Center

CATC Logo7th ATC Combined Arms Training Center coordinates or delivers individual training and professional education for U.S. Army Soldiers, Department of the Army and host nation civilians, and multinational partners through the most efficient and effective means available to ensure readiness and interoperability.

CATC incorporates a quality management system into all aspects of coordinating, conducting and supporting training; and to provide sustained, high quality training to US, allies and partner nation customers. CATC is a learning organization that constantly strives to find better, more effective, and/or efficient ways to carry out its mission and to remain relevant to the operating environment. 

CATC Courses

Keeping Soldiers' professional skills sharp is a priority for the U.S. Army in Europe. The Combined Arms Training Center offers a diverse and current curriculum of courses to meet the needs of the ever-evolving U.S., NATO and Allied forces in the region.

Courses offered at the Combined Arms Training Center range from classroom instruction on dealing with hazardous materials and weapons familiarization on nearby ranges, to teaching real-life driving skills to combat life-saving skills in simulated combat.

CATC By The Numbers

In Fiscal Year 2019, CATC:

  • Executed and facilitated 61 courses with 601 classes;
  • Trained 10,935 personnel with over-the-shoulder tailored training;
  • Facilitated 76 Battlefield Staff Rides with 2,634 attendees;
  • Facilitated 86 externally taught Mobile Training Team classes;
  • Taught 1,946 students from the Regionally Allocated Forces;
  • Taught 384 students from Allies and Partners across 20 countries in 14 courses and training; and
  • Conducted total institutional training for 21,814 personnel.
Multinational Support

CATC offers courses to Allied and partner-nation forces. Contact your Ministry of Defense (MOD) Training Manager (TM). MOD TM contacts the U.S. Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) in your country. ODC TM coordinates your training requirements with 7th ATC/U.S. Army Europe.


QAE Accreditation

CATC is the first active-duty troop school to receive accreditation by the U.S. Army Quality Assurance Program. The U.S. Army assessed CATC in accordance with the seven areas covered in the Army Enterprise Accreditation Standards. The seven areas encompass areas such as mission, governance and administration, learning programs, training and education management, assessments and evaluation, staff and faculty, and leader development.






Course Listing and Registration (CAC Required)

  • Commercial in Germany: 09662-83-XXXX
  • From the US: 011-49-9662-83-XXXX
  • DSN from the US: (314) 599-XXXX


Command: x5101/5102
Operations/S3: x5121/5122
Registrar: x
ATRRS: x5108/5109
Student Detachment: x5119 or +49(0)162-296-6449


Official Mailing Address:
Combined Arms Training Center
Unit 28038
APO, AE 09112-5420


German Postal Address:
Combined Arms Training Center
Gebäude 336
92249 Vilseck-Südlager


Physical Location for Barracks In-processing:
Südlager 163B
Vilseck, Germany 92249

LAT/LONG: 49.639400, 11.797814