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Training Support Activity Europe

TSAE LogoTraining Support Activity Europe provides home-station, expeditionary, rotational, and contingency training support across the EUCOM and AFRICOM Areas of Responsibility in order to build readiness and increase interoperability of all U.S. assigned, attached, regionally aligned forces, our multinational partners, and allies. On behalf of 7ATC and USAREUR, TSAE manages the Training Support System management process and the theater Visual Information program.  


TSAE owns and operates all U.S. Army ranges and local training areas in Europe, including the Grafenwoehr Training Area. TSAE manages the Training Support System Program, Sustainable Range Program (SRP), Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM), Range and Training Land Program (RTLP), Soldier Training Support Program (STSP), Virtual Training Program (VTP), Visual Information Program (VI) and the Training Information Infrastructure, Distributive Learning Program (TII/DL).

Mobile Training Force
TSAE maintains all Trainings Aids, Devices and Simulators (TADS) in Europe. TSAE routinely deploys expeditionary training support teams – including training equipment and support personnel – throughout Europe and Africa to meet U.S. and NATO forces’ training requirements. Its training support teams have recently maintained continuous presence in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

Official Mailing Address:
7th Army Training Command
TSAE, Unit 28130
APO, AE 09114



Where We're At
TSAE's headquarters and Expeditionary Training Support Division (ETSD) are located on Grafenwoehr's Camp Aachen. It's training support divisions and offices are spread throughout Europe: Regional Training Support Division – East (RTSD-E) is headquartered in Camp Aachen; Regional Training Support Division – West (RTSD-W) is headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany; and Regional Training Support Division – South (RTSD-S) is headquartered in Vicenza, Italy.
  • Commercial in Germany: 09641-83-XXXX
  • From the US: 011-49-9641-83-XXXX
  • DSN from the US: (314) 475-XXXX


ETSD: DSN (314) 474-2484

TST Poland: +49 1622704188

TST All Other Countries: +49 1721022711


RTSD East: DSN (314) 475-5064

TSAE Operations: DSN 314-475-8424

TSC Grafenwoehr: DSN 314-476-2805

TSC Hohenfels: DSN 314-466-4914

TSC Ansbach: DSN 314-467-2487


RTSD West: DSN (314) 546-6180

TSC BENELUX: DSN 314-361-5238

TSC BHR/KAI: DSN 314-531-2525

TSC Stuttgart: DSN 314-434-2474

TSC Wiesbaden: DSN 314-546-6170


RTSD South: DSN 314-634-7891

TSC Vicenza: DSN 314-634-7603

TSC Livorno: DSN 314-633-8061



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