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International Special Training Centre


The International Special Training Centre provides Special Operations Forces and similar units with individual tactical and operational level advanced and specialized training to increase integration and interoperability among the nine signatory nations and NATO Allies and partner nations, with an expanding influence across NATO to increase multinational interoperability using a “Smart Defence” strategy for long term persistent engagement.

ISTC member nations—which include Germany, Belgium, Greece, the U.S., Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, Romania and Turkey—fund and operate the training center located at the Staufer Kaserne in Pfullendorf, Germany. 

What We Do

Special Operations Forces play a crucial role in modern warfare. The ISTC provides centralized training for NATO Special Forces and similar units in Europe. Consistently, Special Forces units are employed in multinational operations. That's why the International Special Training Centre employs an experienced and dedicated group of multinational instructors to ensure that ISTC students learn the advanced skills they need to succeed in a 21st century Special Forces environment.


Official Mailing Address:
Unit 30401
APO, AE 09107-0401


German Postal Address:
Staufer Kaserne
Kasernenstrasse 20
88630 Pfullendorf, DE






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Our Capabilities

The ISTC uses multiple training areas to conduct their courses, including classrooms, training facilities and ranges located on Staufer Kaserne and in the immediate local area. The ISTC uses ranges and training areas at Alb Kaserne in Stetten, approximately 1 hour from Pfullendorf, as well as facilities at the 7th ATC in Grafenwoher and Hohenfels, approximately four hours away.


An ISTC working group identifies suitable courses for training of Special Forces and similar units required by member nations, in consideration of multinational missions. Based on requirements identified and unanimously confirmed by the working group, the ISTC currently conducts thirteen courses. While originally identified and created for the nine member nations, these courses are open to all NATO nations and other non-NATO nations.

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