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Please provide the following information when requesting legal assistance:

  • Your Name and Rank
  • DoD ID Number
  • Spouse’s Name (if applicable)
  • Spouse’s DoD ID Number (if applicable)
  • Contact information (i.e. phone and email you have regular access to)
  • A detailed description of your legal issue
Request an Appointment

Please use this to request an appointment in person at our office. We are unable to provide legal/claims advice via email. Thank you for your understanding.

At the Legal Assistance Office, American and German attorneys give advice on problems including divorce, child custody, child support, and paternity; disputes with landlords and local merchants; consumer matters in the United States, including bankruptcy and identity theft; and many other matters.

The Claims Office processes claims that Active Duty Service members, and DA and DOD civilians file against the U.S. Government.

To request an appointment, send an email to:


Be sure to provide the following information:

  • Previous client?: Yes/No/Unsure
  • Last Name:
  • First Name:
  • Middle Name:
  • Other Last Names:
  • Other Party to Legal Issue (If Yes, Provide Name):
  • Gender:
  • Status (Family member, Service member, Civilian):
  • Rank:
  • SSN (last 4):
  • DOD ID Number:
  • ID Card Expiration Date:
  • Marital status:
  • Spouse (husband/wife) name:
  • Local Address (CMR):
  • Home Phone:
  • Work Phone:
  • Cell Phone:
  • E-Mail Address:
  • Branch of Service:
  • Unit:
  • Explanation of your legal/claims issue:
  • I am available during the week of:
  • I am available during the morning/evening (pick one, or both) of that week:
  • Is your issue time sensitive? If so, please state why (LOD/FLIPL/GOMOR rebuttal/court summons, etc):
  • Have you ever been accused of sexual assault?: Yes/No

Household Goods

We process claims that Active Duty Service members, and DA and DoD civilians file against the U.S. Government.

Shipping Claims

Full Replacement Value (FRV) is an important benefit for military service members, DA and DoD civilian employees and families. To receive FRV coverage, a claimant must give the Transportation Service Provider (TSP) notice of loss and damage within 75 days of the delivery, and file a claim directly with the TSP within 9 months of the delivery.

To file a Notice of Loss/Damage and to file your claim, please log on to www.move.mil.

Please note, if you comply with the notice and filing deadlines you're entitled to FRV for missing or irreparably damaged items. If your goods are reparable, the carrier may elect to repair the item.

Loss or damage that you suffer incident to your service may be payable. To learn if you have a payable claim, call your claims office to discuss your particular circumstances.

Claims personnel can tell you if your claim is payable, and explain your filing requirements. All incident to service losses should be filed directly with your respective Military Services claims office.

Personnel Claims Act

Effective immediately, the Army will no longer pay claims for unusual occurrences under the Personnel Claims Act when the damage is caused by flood, hurricane, earthquake, or other acts of nature or weather phenomena. This policy change encourages individual responsibility for personal property. Soldiers should ensure they maintain private insurance against personal property losses caused by adverse weather and other hazards insurance normally covers.


Claims Resources
Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance offers a broad range of services, including: Powers of Attorney, Notary Services, American Attorney Consultations and German Attorney Consultations.

Legal Assistance Resources