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Closure of Tax Centers in Europe

Free, face-to-face tax preparation and filing services will no longer be available on-post. There are, however, free online services available to active-duty service members.

Read the 7th ATC Information Paper - Tax Resources for more information.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau also has tips and resources for filing taxes.

Filing Taxes

U.S. Army Europe and Africa will not offer face-to-face tax preparation and filing services. However, with the right tax software you can save time and money, and file your taxes correctly (please see the "Tax Resources" information paper for a list of some low or no-cost options available online). Or, you may wish to hire a commercial preparer to file your taxes.

As a first step, it is important to decide what best fits your needs. Some factors to consider include the complexity of your taxes, your tax willingness, and ability to do your own tax work, and cost.

Regardless of what you decide, whether you choose a paid preparer or take advantage of a free online filing services, you remain responsible for filing a complete and accurate return.

Documents You Will Need to File Your Taxes

When using any tax preparation software or paid service you will need to have certain documents available. The most important documents you should have ready include last year's tax return and the year's W-2s.

You will also need the following:

  • Social Security Card/SSNs for all persons claimed on the tax return
  • Real estate tax documents including mortgage interest statements (Form 1098)
  • Alimony, child support, or related payment agreements . Investment tax documents (Form 1099)
  • Any documented income from rental properties
  • Records of moving expenses related to a new military assignment, retirement, separation, etc.
  • Receipts/documentation for deductibles
  • Child and dependent care information

For those using software, it is likely you will need your prior year return to set up an account. Once you created an account, follow the prompts to input data from your current year tax documents. Finally, use your prior year return to check your current return. Remember to include all bank and interest bearing accounts, student loan interest, childcare expenses and taxable information.

Available Services

Although the 7th ATC Office of the Staff Judge Advocate (OSJA) will no longer provide tax preparation services, the OSJA will continue to provide tax advice and assistance such reviewing a letter from the IRS, in the normal course of LAO. For more information on requesting a regular legal assistance appointment please visit the SJA page.